College Football, Basketball, other...proposed changes

College Football, Basketball, other...proposed changes

Postby Philly the Kid » Tue Dec 03, 2013 8:06 pm

I think it's time now, that college sports have some shifts.

For these big schools football and basketball are very corrupt. It's a joke for most of the athletes that they are studying and getting a first rate education. It's also messed up that the players get no money while the universities profit wildly and pay millions to coaches.

Why not let the kids play ball, with no classes til their eligibility is up, or they get hurt or quit or get cut or whatever. Once they are done, they all have a scholarship for life. They can go back at any time to get their degree. Then there is no pretending. When they've matured and realize they can't make the pros, or even if they make pros but don't get far -- they can come back more mature and ready to get an education.

As well, come up with some kind of stipend for players while they are playing that comes out of the tv money, etc... some equation where starters and seniority get a tad more. So a senior backup might get more or same as a freshman starting QB.
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