Most Valuable Sports Franchises

Most Valuable Sports Franchises

Postby Philly the Kid » Thu Aug 27, 2015 4:30 pm

I saw on Forbest a list of top 50.

Eagles were 19 and Phillies 42

I think once upon a time in the Doc J or perhaps Allen Iverson days, Sixers would have been in the mix.

I was surprised that NYG and Wash Skinz were more valuable than Eagles? NYG maybe because its a bigger market and has northern jersey - but Skinz?

How much of this is related to star power too? Yankees, Lakers, Star-heads - i get those are famous and lots of titles -- can weather down spurts - but is there a single big star for the Redskins in the last 15 years that pops to anyone's mind? The Birds have had TO, Desean, DMac, BDawk, Bweat, Shady - that's some star power.

Anyway - it's itneresting - as I imagine most of these projected values have to do with size of market, fan-base, merchandising, and tv contracts. Winning and star-power then after I suspect.

The top 3 soccer teams are in the top 10 but then soccer falls out of it for a while.

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