-- Rules Thread -- BSG All Time Fantasy Draft

-- Rules Thread -- BSG All Time Fantasy Draft

Postby FTN » Tue Dec 16, 2008 9:09 am

Ok folks, its go time. For those of you participating, I'll try and lay out everything in this first post. So please please please read this post in its entirety before doing anything else. If you're not a part of this, please don't be a jerk and ruin it for those involved. If you are just an observer and want to comment, do it here. Shore, you're a mod, you can just remove the trolling posts Wink

First, the rules.

1. This draft is going to go 25 rounds in serpentine fashion, ie, when we get to the end we loop back around. We go until everyone is finished drafting.

2. Because this is a message board draft, its going to take some time. I've kind of spelled out a number of times that everyone should try and check in at least once a day, preferably more often.

3. After you pick, please send a PM to the person who is up after you. It helps to check your email if you're near a computer in case someone PM's you, you'll get the notification and you can check in and make your pick.

4. Roster composition is as follows:

C x 2
1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF x 5, CI (1B or 3B), MI (2B or SS), SP x 5, RP x 7

We won't be simulating this I don't think (more on that later), but assume for the sake of "scoring" that this would be a 5 x 5 league, using OB%, Runs, RBI, HR and SB for offense and Wins, ERA, K's, SV's, and WHIP for pitchers, just so you know how you should value players. Of course this isn't a pure fantasy league, you also want to consider defense to a degree, as you're trying to compile the best possible team as a whole, but there's no way to really "score" defense in fantasy. Anyway, I'm going off the rails here..

5. Position eligibility is going to be important, so please read this a number of times, and refer to it before each pick if you have to.

Position players

A. 1,000 games played at the position
B. 80% of the games played at a certain position
C. If neither A or B apply, simple majority
D. DH rule. If a player does not qualify for A or B and spent the majority of his career at DH, he's only eligible for the position where he played the most games. Example;

Edgar Martinez

DH: 1,412
3B: 563
1B: 28

Martinez would be 3B eligible only. This may not be a perfect situation, but its the only way I can feasibly see handling DH guys.


A. SP = 70% of career appearances are starts
B. RP = 70% of career appearances are relief outings
C. A pitcher who doesn't have 70% of his appearances in either category is only eligible for the RP spot.

This is really simple stuff. If a player plays 1,000 games at a position, he's eligible at that position. Multiple eligibility is possible. When you draft a player, please indicate the position you are drafting him at. Should you decide to move that player to a different position in the future, you can simply make a note of it when you make a pick that requires you to do the shuffling. For pitchers, again its very simple.

Also, and this is REALLY IMPORTANT, regarding deadball era guys. Each team is allowed one player who played the majority of his career during the deadball era, ie, 1918 and earlier. Again, its really simple. If a player played more than 50% of his games from 1918 and before, then he would count as your deadball player. You are allowed only one out of your 25 man roster, so make it count.

6. To make this as easy to follow as possible, I'm going to ask that we use the other thread, where everyone signed up, to discuss the draft as it happens, and just simply use this thread to make picks. This makes it easy to follow who has been picked, whose turn it is, etc etc. This is going to require a lot of effort to keep all of the picks updated, the less clutter in this thread the better. So, please discuss the draft here.

As I mentioned in the discussion thread, right now it doesn't appear we are going to sim the teams against each other. Because of this, there is no need to really worry about neutralizing stats. The "goal" in selecting a team is to take the best players based on their respective careers as a whole, not just highlighting one year in the player's career. You can certainly take current players, judging the player's projected path will alter how people judge those players. When the teams are filled out, we'll pair the 16 teams up into a bracket, 8 matchups, and we'll allow the board as a whole to vote for who they think has the best team. We'll go from 16 > 8 > 4 > 2 > Champion, as voted on by people here.

7. We've decided to use the original 16 teams for team names here. I think the best way to assign teams is to use the reverse draft order. As I mentioned in the other thread, when we finish with the 16th pick and the order reverses, kruker will pick 17th, and when he makes his pick he can select the team name he wants, and so on and so forth. The 16 teams we have to choose from are

Boston Red Sox
New York Yankees
Cleveland Indians
Philadelphia Athletics
Detroit Tigers
Chicago White Sox
Washington Senators
St. Louis Browns

Philadelphia Phillies
Brooklyn Dodgers
New York Giants
Chicago Cubs
St. Louis Cardinals
Boston Braves
Cincinnati Reds
Pittsburgh Pirates

8. The following is the draft order, as determined by a random number sequencer

1. CFP
2. SteveJeltzPhanClub
3. ucancallmedavis
4. philliesphhan
5. peck peck
6. FTN
7. VFB
8. ReadingPhilly
9. Werthless
10. wogglymaster91
11. bakestar
12. Shore
13. mcare89
14. conniemack
15. andymusser
16. kruker

I'll post the entire 25 rounds worth at the bottom here and then update as we move along. PLEASE check before you draft someone that they haven't been taken. Just go CTRL + F and search the player's last name before you submit your pick. This will obviously be more important the deeper we go. Since this is a message board draft, there's plenty of time to make sure the guy you want a.) hasn't been taken and b.) is eligible at the position you want him for.

9. If you have any questions before its your turn to pick, post them in the discussion thread. The fewer times we have to roll back picks because of errors the better.

This should be a lot of fun, and its going to be really interesting to see how the teams shake out.

So, before we get started.

https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key ... nBZg&hl=en

I created that basic spreadsheet in EXCEL to help me keep track of the teams. It should be shared so everyone can download a copy if they want to keep track of their team. Ill post the 25 spots for each team below the full draft order, I'll try and keep it up to date, depending on how fast the picks move, but its your responsibility to keep track of your roster so you know which spots you have open.

And again, we're discussing the draft here


I think that's basically everything. Please read all of this before you pick, especially the eligibility stuff. With that said, here is the complete order for all 25 rounds. Oh, one more thing. When you make your pick, please do it in this format

CFP - Danny Tartabull, OF

That will make it easy to follow and for me to keep track of. Remember, after your pick, please PM the person who picks after you. Thanks, and good luck.
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