Electronica (EDM) fans in Phila.?

Electronica (EDM) fans in Phila.?

Postby Philly the Kid » Sat Nov 30, 2013 10:51 am

So I've been back in the mother-land for the last 10-12 days (2 in NYC). Of all ironies my biz partner and old friend G of G&D, had a gig @ Whisper on Walnut last night. So I came out with a hottie I know who works at Drexel.

Kind of weird, they just pulled the power at 3:30am or so ...

Had some chow at Silk City and kicked it at the Hyatt before heading to the club.

So what's the scene here in Phila., for EDM? Any of yusz guys down with that? Had a good hang at a bar near Gray's Ferry called Resurrection

If any of you were there, I was up in the VIP above the DJ booth with the tall blonde...I had a little black cap on
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